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We prepare leaders for their most important presentations and conversations.

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Our Approach

We are an Ohana (family) of trainers, coaches and event production professionals who amplify the voices of global impact leaders.   Our programs develop, nurture and unleash your Heroic Voice to communicate trust , create connection and build relationships.

Elevating your Leadership Communication Skills

We believe that speaking is a competitive sport.  Our clients succeed by joining us in the presentation gym on a regular basis, and practicing like a professional.   View our journey of professional level preparation.

​Executive Education

We've designed each of our programs to optimize learning, retention and application:
  • Facilitated practice and feedback sessions
  • Precise and concise micro-trainings
  • Immediate application of new skills

Our Solutions

"Leaders who communicate trust design the future."

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Meet Our Team

Heroic Voice Academy Ohana

Committed to moving you from “Invisible to INVINCIBLE!”

Mamie Lamley

Committed to Active Listening to uncover your "Real Question"

Anthony Lee

Committed to transforming your complex ideas to simple concepts

Sean Adams

Committed to elevating aesthetic expression and experiences

Ruth Uribes


Our Clients

Amplifying the Heroic Voices of global impact leaders

Major Conferences and Events

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Our Latest Articles and Best Practices

From Script to Stage

David takes his vision of a post-COVID workplace to the stage.

How to Communicate Trust

Medigram CEO Sherri Douville interviews former Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Lessons from the Green Room

Share three key elements in all of your high stakes presentations and conversations.

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