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Same Page, Same Vision, 
One Team

The moment you form a leadership team, your primary objective is to achieve synchronization.  The most important investment you will make is to install a Synchronized Communications program.

Organizations have a core set of leadership presentations.  When delivering these presentations, the CEO and every member of the leadership team must be able to communicate "Same Page, Same Vision and One Team."

Why Synchronization?

A Scientific American article concludes that "Brain Waves Synchronize when People Interact".   Speakers who primarily focus on memorization will fail to connect with the hearts and minds in the audience.

Synchronized Communications is a discipline for leaders to communicate trust, create connection and build relationships.  They create exceptional audience experiences by using the Engagement Loop in all of their high-stakes presentations and conversations.

The Playbook for
​Synchronized Communications

Our solutions are designed to help organizations develop a Habit of Practice and build an Ecosystem for Practice.  After completing our Presentation Gym and MasterClass Program, our clients are selected by:

  • Organizations to lead their company and sales kickoff events
  • Investors to be a leading company in their portfolio
  • Conference Producers to lead key conversations from their stage

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"Leaders who communicate trust design the future."

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