Case Study- David Gray, SVP

Heroic Keynote

Human Centric Labs
June 2020

Human Centric Labs brings thought leaders to the stage to share their best practices for the future of work.

 David Gray, Colliers SVP,  takes the stage to share his vision for post-COVID workplace.  As a veteran in commercial real estate, and an industry leader, David takes us on a tour of a safe and collaborative workplace of the future.  Starting from the lobby, he walks you through all the spaces you will be spending time, giving you the confidence to reconnect with your colleagues in the office.

Pre-Event Preparation

Message Composition

In March 2020, the way we live and work was forever altered by the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Employees were sent home, and were asked to work remotely.      

David Gray, a commercial real estate professional, made a commitment to his clients to share a vision of a safe return to the workplace.    His goal was to design a presentation to articulate what the future of workplace would look like, and how we could get there.

Working with the team of executive communication coaches from the Heroic Voice Academy, David composed a Heroic Keynote using a framework from their Executive MasterClass.  Here is an initial version of David's slides, with the audio of his script.

The Presentation Gym

With the initial slides and script completed, David and our coaches brought his message to the stage.  Over the course of multiple rehearsals, and David's individual rehearsals, he was able to integrate a set of professional message delivery skills, including:

  • Relatability and Empathy - A Virtual "Walk Through" of  the future office.  We designated specific areas of the stage to represent places in an office.
  • Expertise and Passion - During the tour, calling out attention to all the details that are important for safety and collaboration
  • Comprehension and Engagement - Slides were refined so that they complemented and underscored the main points in David's presentation

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