Individual Coaching
Unleash Your Heroic Voice

Individual Coaching Program

Today's global impact leaders must master the skills of leadership communication.  Every presentation is an opportunity to communicate trust, create connection and build relationships.  These 3 outcomes are the keys to connecting  with the hearts and minds of every audience.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers a 6 month coaching program  for executives who are responsible for multiple high-stakes speaking opportunity throughout the year.   Schedule a discovery session with our coaching team:

Coaching Goals

Coaching Clients
Executives and emerging leaders who are responsible for regular presentations to external audiences to generate worldwide support, and to their internal audiences to build world class culture.
External Audiences
Investors, Client, Donors
Partner, Sponsor, Policy Maker, Standards Committee
Journalist, Analyst, Online Community 
Internal Audiences
Team Members
Company Advisors
Board of Directors
Professional Objectives
Develop world class communication and presentation skills to generate money, support, and reputation.  These outcomes are what we call Presentation ROI:
  • Money:  Investment, Revenue, Donations
, Grants
  • Support:  World Class Talent, Partnerships, Sponsorships
, Policy and Standards
  • Reputation:  Articles, Social Media, Media Interviews, Word of Mouth

HVA Toolkit

Session Overview

Areas of Focus
In each coaching session, we will focus on the following objectives:

  • Sharpen existing communication skills and develop new ones
  • Deliver all your high stakes presentations with precision, emotion, and connection
  • Incorporate the powerful themes of vision, values, and vows to engage with audiences and earn their trust and attention
  • See immediate results by practicing your new skills in internal and external conversations and presentations
  • Be always prepared for impactful conversations with clients, business partners, investors, and team members

Message Portfolio

Create a portfolio of 7 leadership presentations to prepare for all your high stakes speaking opportunities:

  • Introduction - First Conversations, Panel Introductions, Keynote Opening
  • Narration - Personal Stories, Case Studies
  • Solution - Sales Conversations, Budget Meetings, Hiring Conversations
  • Ideation - Conference Breakout, Investor Presentation, Partner Conversation, Company Brainstorm
  • Direction - Company Town Hall, Board Meeting, Analyst Presentation, Media Interview
  • Education - Internal Training, Client Training
  • Heroic Keynote - Annual Meeting, Conference Keynote, Signature Presentation

Sherri Douville, CEO

"I came to Anthony because I needed a more compelling approach to explain the value of the platform we're building.  Through Anthony's frameworks, I've been able to distill what we know about how we'll improve healthcare into concise formats for a variety of stakeholders.  

We've been able to immediately raise capital and attract additional experienced and committed employees.  We're confident that armed with Anthony's tools and coaching, we'll be able to find more of the right kind of investor partners, raise our next round, and continue to build our extraordinary team to scale our vision.  

Anthony is the ideal coach for most professionals including CEOs, visionaries and technically minded managers and leaders that need to connect with a broad set of stakeholders."