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Major Conferences and Events


Baya Voce
TEDx 2016

Community Leader and  host for "The Art of Connection" Baya Voce, shares her best practices for using ritual as a way to cure loneliness.

David Bell
TEDx 2019

Dr. David Bell shares about the evolving role of today's physician, who look for ways to collaborate with artificial intelligence technologies.

Julie Castle
TEDx 2014

CEO of the Best Friends Animal Society shares her vision to "Save Them All" by finding "forever" homes for the dogs and cats in America's animal shelters.

Gabi Jubron
TEDx 2019

Gabi Jubron, CEO of HAPPI.org, shares a relatable analogy about Juice and Sauce.  He details his  journey of experiencing burnout at his well-paying job to making well-being his job. 

David Sturt
TEDx 2014

David Sturt is the Executive VP of the O.C. Tanner Institute.  NYTimes bestselling author of "Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love". His research on professional excellence shows us what we're missing, and  what keeps us from talking to strangers.

Allan Ting
TEDx 2018

Allan Ting shares 17 years of research from the world’s iconic leaders.  Having been burned out from work  he went on a personal quest to understand the keys to work life balance.


Greg Silva
DisruptHR 2019

VP of People and Culture at TextNow shares a bold strategy to elevate commitment and engagement.

Adria Horn
DisruptHR 2022

VP of Workforce at Tilson Technology shares the post-COVID values of Grace, Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Richard Bilodeau
DisruptHR 2022

Senior lecturer at the University of Southern Main elevates the value of empathy.

Sean Hinton
DisruptHR 2019

CEO of Skyhive discuss how real time labour market intelligence accelerates workplace reskilling.

Albert Qian
DisruptHR 2019

Founder of Albert's List shares how to build communities who support the job search process.

Luca Rosetti
DisruptHR 2019

CEO of Beaconforce discuss the critical role of AI in the HR function.

Kelley Steven-Waiss
DisruptHR 2019

EVP and CHRO of Here Technogies shares the power of leveraging the skillsets of your internal talent.

Chris Hynes
DisruptHR 2022

Employer Relations Specialist elevates the workplace value of inclusion.

Orson Horchler
DisruptHR 2022

President of  of Bondeko shares the inside journey of the effort to assimilate into workplace and society.

Sunil Bagai
DisruptHR 2019

CEO of Crowdstaffing shares the key elements of designing workforce prosperity.

Susan Sanders
DisruptHR 2019

Co-Founder of HRConnect365 discusses how to use design thinking to optimize employee experiences.

Shreya Sarkar-Barney
DisruptHR 2019

Founder of Human Capital Growth shares strategies based on evidenced based data.

Vlad Coho
DisruptHR 2019

VP of Automation Anywhere discusses the merits of a People Centric Product Focused workforce.

Margaret Kelsey
DisruptHR 2022

Workplace consultant share best practices for tapping your employees' talents and skills

Coaching Sponsor
DisruptHR 2022

Congratulations to all of the speakers and the time they invested in the Heroic Voice Presentation Gym.

Robert Brown
DisruptHR 2019

VP of Cognizant leads a conversation highlighting key questions around the future of work.

Robert Brown
DisruptHR 2019

VP of Cognizant highlights the emerging jobs for the next 10 years.


Sherri Douville and John Chambers
HIMMS Conference 2018

Sherri Douville, CEO of Medigram, interviews John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco.  They discuss they key questions that every leader must answer in order to communicate trust. 

"The Rebound" filmmaker team
Napa Valley Film Festival 2016

The producer, director, and 3 of the wheelchair basketball champions share their wisdom in front of 1200 attendees at the Napa Valley Film Festival.

David Gray
Human Centric Labs 2020

David Gray,  SVP for Colliers International, shares his vision for the future of the workplace.  What should we expect to see when companies invest in creating safe and collaborative work environments.

Graham Betchart
Documentary - Moving Minds

Graham Betchart, a world-class mental performance coach and author of "Play Present".  He shares the importance of mental skills training and how prepares you for excellence in sports and in life.

The Future of Work
Singularity Global Summit 2019

Gary Bolles, Faculty Chair  Singularity University, discusses the "Future of Work" with Kelley Steven-Waiss, CEO of Hitch, and Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork.

Nicholas Domingo
Hero Roundtable 2019

Captain Encouragement (aka Nicholas Domingo) takes the stage to share his impact: a superhero youth program, a comic book series, after-school programs, musicals and more.