Case Study - Insight Talk - November 2020

Insight Talk

Sharing my Nugget of Wisdom

One of the things I most enjoy about being on an event production team is running the green room.  I have the privilege of witnessing how world-class speakers prepare, both physically and mentally before they take the stage.

At a large event in Denver, I had a conversation with Lisa Nichols about what she was planning to do in the green room before taking the stage to speak to the thousands of people in the audience.

What I learned was that Lisa spends a great deal of time really getting to know what goes on in the hearts and minds of her audience.  This special skill allows her to speak with intimacy, and rise above the rehearsed and generic presentations from the other speakers who would take the stage that day.

Pre-Event Preparation

The Green Room

From the AV Booth to the Stage

On Sunday mornings, I volunteer my time behind a soundboard.  I listen for every sound and every voice that comes from the stage, and I blend this into a unified message that is broadcast to the community.

In November 2020, the spiritual director asked if I would be willing to come out from the AV booth and take the stage to give a 5 minute Insight Talk.

I accepted the invitation, and spent some time asking myself what I would share that would be fun, interesting and impactful.  I looked around the room and realized that the content for my talk were already hanging on the walls: Vision, Values, and Vows.

What I realized was that Sunday mornings were my green room for the week.  The words that come from the stage, the words that hang on the wall, and the words that are used in conversation inside the AV Booth all serve to shape my upcoming week.

My invitation to you is to develop your own Green Room routine.  When you do, you start your week with clarity of vision, guided by your values, and reconnected to your vows

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