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Anna Decker, Primary Organizer, TEDx Salt Lake City

"Working with Anthony was beneficial for myself as a leader, as well as for the culture of our entire organization.  The time we spent with Anthony helped us all to clarify our passions and big ideas for the world and how we are connecting them to the work we're doing.  Wonderful learning that has certainly enhanced TEDx Salt Lake City!  Thank you Anthony!"

Margaret Romney, Speaker Coordinator, TEDx Salt Lake City

"Working with Anthony was mind expanding.  From the day he spent with the speakers of TEDx Salt Lake City, I saw how powerful a talk becomes when a speaker finds and is driven by their "why".  Through the day, Anthony was inspiring as he challenged people to think deeper about their values and their motivation, then challenged further to give more energy and attention to their audience.  I would not only recommend training with Anthony, but tell participants to plan on a transformative experience.

David Sturt, Executive Vice President, OC Tanner Institute

"This training was exactly what I needed to prepare for my TEDx talk.  The pre-work assignment was the best framework I have ever seen for building a high stakes presentation.  The filming and review sessions made me stretch and opened my eyes to what the audience sees.    The feedback was honest and direct, yet encouragingly constructive.  Anthony's years of experience allowed him to elevate every participant's delivery, regardless of their experience or background.  The unexpected thing I came away with was clarity about what I really believe in and why, and the specific difference I was trying to make through my speech.  That insight has significantly affected every presentation I have made since."

Baya Voce, TEDx Salt Lake City, 2016
"I credit the virality of my TEDx talk to working with Anthony. He took the ideas I had (that truly felt like a jumbled mess) and distilled them into simple and actionable takeaways that the audience could latch onto. He helped develop a storyline that pulled from my life experience and related it back to universal truths. He works quick, dirty, and gets straight to the point with no bs — just how I like it! Thanks so much, Anthony!"
Global Impact Leaders
Sherri Douville, CEO

"I came to Anthony because I needed a more compelling approach to explain the value of the platform we're building.  Through Anthony's frameworks, I've been able to distill what we know about how we'll improve healthcare into concise formats for a variety of stakeholders.  We've been able to immediately raise capital and attract additional experienced and committed employees.  We're confident that armed with Anthony's tools and coaching, we'll be able to find more of the right kind of investor partners, raise our next round, and continue to build our extraordinary team to scale our vision.  Anthony is the ideal coach for most professionals including CEOs, visionaries and technically minded managers and leaders that need to connect with a broad set of stakeholders."

Julie Castle, CEO
Shaina Koren, Michael Esposito, filmmakers THE REBOUND

Shoutout to our friend, mentor and #reboundteam extraordinaire Anthony Lee. Anthony founded the Heroic Voice Academy, a team of incredible humans that empower their clients to use the HEROIC VOICE inside of them to create positive global impact. 

We have been training with Anthony since 2016 and would not be where we are today without him. If you are a leader, trying to create positive change in the world, but may need guidance on how to best communicate your message on stage, during investor pitches, and any other high stakes conversation, we HIGHLY recommend Anthony and his team. It has been a game-changer for us, and we know it will be for you too!

Derek Ting, CEO
Community Leaders
Cheryl Lee, Program Manager, Northside Branch Library

"I've never seen our library audience so engaged, excited and eager to learn!  Heroic Voice Academy's Anthony Lee taught 125 Silicon Valley career driven professionals at Northside Branch Library how to use personal branding to find their next opportunity, contact or connection.  As a speaker, he was dynamic, engaging and effective.  My attendees learned how to craft their own personal brand through his distinctive, experiential training method ("teach, show, do").  Anthony shifted our "audience paradigm" as he went through a series of well-though out exercises and stories.  Now our professionals are able to unleash the "heroic voice" inside of them and propel themselves forward towards their career goals and aspirations.  We had to book Anthony again for another presentation because he got so many positive reviews from our audience."

Roya Sabeti, Program Manager
Michael Grove, CEO Collabworks
Mukul Agarwal, CEO BootUp Ventures
Albert Qian, Founder Albert's List