Consulting Services
Impact Communications

Supporting Global Impact Initiatives

For organizations who have committed to DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives,  we offer consulting services.  

This includes consulting on message composition, message delivery, and alignment with industry and global values.

Consulting Goals

Executives, emerging leaders and corporations who are preparing to deliver a DEI, ESG, or SDG presentation.
External Events
High-Profile conferences and events
    Conference Keynotes, TEDx, SxSW
Internal Audiences
Annual Company Meeting
Board Presentations
Professional Objectives
To deliver presentations that forward your organization's  DEI, ESG and SDG initiatives.  Each presentation generates Presentation ROI to accelerate your mission:
  • Money:  Investment, Revenue, Donations
, Grants
  • Support:  World Class Talent, Partnerships, Sponsorships
, Policy and Standards
  • Reputation:  Articles, Social Media, Media Interviews, Word of Mouth

Global Impact

The Process

The Workouts

Our programs are designed to fully prepare you to deliver presentations to forward DEI, ESG and SDG initiatives:

  • Regular Workouts- We start with a commitment to consistent practice sessions, which may include weekends.
  • Assignments - Dedicate the time to incorporate  new skills and integrate new strategies after each workout.
  • Best Practices - Adopt the mindset and tools used by world class performers and athletes.

Areas of Focus
We will focus on the following Connection Triangle skills:

  • Relatability - Deliver content to the audience's level of knowledge and range of experiences.
  • Empathy - Demonstrate emotional intelligence by identifying the emotions elicited by the problem or the solution.
  • Expertise - Select the optimal amount of content, and transform complex ideas into simple concepts
  • Passion - Show the audience how much you care about your message.  Use body language, facial expressions and vocal variety.
  • Comprehension - use accelerated learning strategies, and tools such as stories and metaphors.
  • Engagement - Master a variety of ways to engage your audience and connect them to your content. 

David Gray
The Future of the Workplace

David Gray, Colliers SVP,  takes the stage to share his vision for post-COVID workplace.  As a veteran in commercial real estate, and an industry leader, David worked with us to develop a presentation to impact his industry and  to shape the future of the workplace.