We believe in a future where

Positive conversations shape a positive world.


We are a family of coaches and trainers who help

Global Impact Leaders amplify their Heroic Voices.


Our purpose is to build a

Community of Heroic Voices

who are instruments of change.

Our Vision for You

We develop your conversational leadership skills to help you

create world class culture and generate worldwide support.

Conversational Leadership

Confidently generate ROI

from every conversation and presentation.

World Class Culture

Lead Internal conversations that create team, leaders, and 

world class culture.

Worldwide Support

Lead External conversations that generate money, support and 

positive reputation.

Global Impact

Use your Heroic Voice

 to generate ROI for your

mission of global impact.

Our Values

        What we care about

We Serve leaders committed to Global Impact.

We Empower the worldwide Community of Heroic Voices.

Our Ohana amplifies their Authentic Expression.

Together, we spread Aloha to the four corners of the globe.

Our Vows

        How we live our values

    Be Intentional with every conversation.

    Be Prepared for any conversation.

    Use conversations to create Connection.

    Be committed to consistent Practice.

Heroic Voice Leadership

As a pending B Corporation, our leadership team is responsible for aligning our services with missions of global impact.  Our focus is to develop the Heroic Voices of Global Impact Leaders and preparing them for their high stakes conversations and presentations.

Anthony Lee

Mamie Lamley

Sean Adams

Heroic Voice Team

Our community of communication trainers and coaches have exceptional skills in the areas of Advanced Communications, Leadership and Accelerated Learning.  They have trained individuals and organizations, worldwide, to use their Heroic Voices to generate global impact.  

Sandy McClenahan

Christina Christner

Ruth Uribes

Pegah Kadkhodaian

Gina Faubert

Our Advisors

Our advisors guide us in our curriculum design, connect us with global impact leaders, and help us fulfill our mission and purpose.  They share with us their best practices in communication, leadership, accelerated learning, event production, and community building. 

Quinn Tran

Julie Wees

Matt James

Irma Romero

Kirk Vandenberghe

Katy Kvalvik

Mike Wolf

Our Trusted Partners

We often collaborate with partners with complimentary services and/or global reach.