Public Reports

The following reports are currently in the early stages of production.   Our ESG Report and B-Corp Report are subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of the Site owner and operator.  Please visit the site regularly for updates.

ESG Report (2021-2022)

This 2021-22 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report is our inaugural sustainability report. We address those ESG topics that we believe our customers, vendors, trainers, coaches and other stakeholders consider the most important. We look forward to reporting our progress as we further integrate sustainability into our operations. Unless otherwise specified, this report highlights activities and metrics related to our fiscal year ended June 30, 2022.

Our 2021-22 ESG Report is available here.

B-Corp Report (available upon certification) 

The Heroic Voice Academy™ has completed its first year as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).   We are now qualified to begin the B-Corp Certification Process.  After taking the preliminary B Impact Assessment (BIA), our initial score indicates that we are on the right track towards certification.

The B-Corp certification process is estimated to take 12 months to complete.  In the meantime, we have qualified for Pending B-Corp status as we are going through the certification process.

After achieving certification, our report will be available at:


If you have any questions about these reports you may contact us at

Heroic Voice Academy, PBC

6660 Delmonico Drive, Suite D #124

Colorado Springs, CO 80919