Communications Training for Global Impact Leaders

Today's leaders are responsible for generating ROI from every high stakes conversation and presentation.

Learn how to generate more money, more support and positive reputation with your Heroic Voice.

Presentation ROI MasterClass

In this 12 session MasterClass, you will learn to better communicate your mission of global impact and generate ROI from the following high stakes situations:

Investor Presentations, Sales Conversations, Board Presentations, Recruiting Conversations, Conference Presentations, TED talks, Media Interviews, Partnership Opportunities

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Individual Coaching

Today's global impact leaders must master the skills of communicating with precision, authentically sharing their emotions, and connecting with the hearts and minds of their audiences.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs to master these three executive communication skills.

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Training Programs

Our training programs are designed for teams of all sizes.  We use accelerated learning strategies to maximize your development and retention.  Our highly experiential programs allow you to immediately apply our curriculum to your specific high stakes presentations and conversations.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers Corporate, Public and Online Training Programs

Corporate Training
Public Training
Online Training