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Your Voice is an Instrument of Change

As a global impact leader, you speak to accelerate your mission.  Your voice creates impact for your organization, your industry, and our planet.  Every speaking opportunity is an opportunity to generate money, support and reputation to fuel your vision for the future.

Your voice is an instrument of change.  Create change in your high-stakes presentations: conference presentations, industry keynotes and board meetings.   Create change in your high stakes conversations: sales meetings, media interviews, hiring top talent. 

The capacity of your mission is defined by the capacity of your voice.   Model the best practices of professional athletes and musicians.  Dedicate time for the gym.  Elevate your message delivery skills to connect with the hearts and minds of your stakeholders.

Our Solutions

"Leaders who communicate trust design the future."

Leaders are responsible for communication their mission of global impact and generating ROI in key situations: Investor Presentations, Sales Conversations, Board Presentations, Recruiting Conversations, Conference Keynotes, Media Interviews and more.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers a 12-session Presentation ROI MasterClass for leaders who are responsible for high stakes speaking opportunities.

Private Coaching

Today's global impact leaders must master the skills of leadership communication.  Every presentation is an opportunity to communicate trust, create connection and build relationships.  These 3 outcomes are the keys to connecting with the hearts and minds in your audience.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers coaching programs for impact leaders who are responsible for delivering one or multiple high-stakes presentations.

Corporate Training

Our training programs are designed for teams of all sizes.  We use accelerated learning strategies to maximize your development and retention.  Our highly experiential programs fully prepare you for your high stakes presentations and conversations.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers customized trainings for internal communication, pitching a product or idea, and conference preparation.

Stages of Impact

Our clients have delivered their messages on many of the worlds most impactful conferences and events.