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Communications Training and Consulting

Today's global impact leaders are responsible for generating ROI from every high stakes presentation and conversation.

Learn how to generate more money, more support and positive reputation with your Heroic Voice.

Join us in The Presentation Gym™

MasterClass Program

Leaders responsible for communicating their mission of global impact and generating ROI in key situations:

Investor Presentations, Sales Conversations, Board Presentations, Recruiting Conversations, Conference Keynotes, Media Interviews and more.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers a 12 session Presentation ROI MasterClass for leaders who are responsible for high stakes speaking opportunities.

Leadership Communications

Our training programs are designed for teams of all sizes.  We use accelerated learning strategies to maximize your development and retention.  Our highly experiential programs fully prepare you for your specific high stakes presentations and conversations.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers customized trainings for leaders responsible for communicating trust, creating connection and building relationships.

Private Coaching

Today's global impact leaders must master the skills of leadership communication.  Every presentation is an opportunity to communicate trust, create connection and build relationships.  These 3 outcomes are the keys to connecting  with the hearts and minds in your audience.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers a 6 month coaching program for executives who are responsible for multiple high-stakes speaking opportunities throughout the year.

Train like a Professional

Consulting Services

For organizations who have committed to DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) initiatives,  we offer consulting services.  This includes consulting on message composition, message delivery, and alignment with industry and global values.

Keynote Preparation

For executives who have been invited to speak at a high-profile, high-stakes event and who can commit to daily workouts.   Our coaching intensives will focus on elevating multiple aspects of your message composition and message delivery skills,.

Be a Heroic Voice

Our 2-part virtual training focuses on "How leaders communicate trust, create connection, and build relationships."  Learn to powerfully introduce yourself and to present the solutions you offer.  Our highly effective blend of classroom learning and facilitated exercises accelerate learning and skills acquisition.