Case Study- HIMMS Conference 2018

Video Interview

The HIMMS Conference

The Annual HIMMS conference brings global health executives together for education, innovation and collaboration.  

Conference Chair Sherri Douville invited John Chambers to share nuggets of wisdom from his book "Connecting the Dots".  John shares best practices from his experience as Cisco's CEO and from running JC2 Ventures, his venture capital firm.

In this video interview,  Sherri interviews John to discuss how to answer three key questions:

(1) Where are you going?  (Vision)

(2) What is important to you? (Values)

(3) How can I count on you? (Vows)

Pre-Event Preparation

The Green Room

Communications Training

Sherri Douville engaged with the Heroic Voice Academy with two goals:

(1) To work with the conference speakers to elevate their message composition and message delivery skills

(2) To prepare John Chambers for his green room video interview and his main stage fireside chat.

Prior to the event, we read John's book and highlighted areas of his book that would be most relevant and relatable to the audience.  We met with John to review these topics and share how they would connect to the hearts and minds in the audience.

In the Green Room, we shared with him our Message Blueprint framework, and mapped specific book examples to key pieces of this framework

Sherri uses the Message Blueprint to conduct the interview, and allow John to do what he does best -  teach through stories.

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