Presentation ROI MasterClass
​Master 7 Leadership Presentations 
Impact the Workplace, the Industry and the Planet
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Professional Level Preparation

Over the course of the 12 session MasterClass, you will develop a Message Portfolio of presentations to answer 7 core Leadership Questions and be prepared for all your high stakes speaking opportunities.

In our presentation gym, you will be guided by one of our executive communications coaches to elevate your message delivery skills.  Using our Connection Triangle framework, you will learn how to  connect with your audience, and connect your audience to your message.

When you step on stage,  use your Heroic Voice to communicate trust, create connection, and build relationships.   These leadership communication skills pave the way for you to generate money, support, and positive reputation to fuel your mission of global impact.

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Program Goals

MasterClass Participants
Leaders who are committed to impacting the workplace, the industry and the planet.
High Stakes Opportunities
  • Investor Presentations
  • Sales Conversations
  • Board Presentations
  • Recruiting Conversations
  • Conference Presentations
  • TED talks
  • Media Interviews
  • Partnership Conversations

The Presentation ROI MasterClass

    Program Goals   

Session Dates

March 20, 2024 - June 5, 2024

Message Portfolio 

A Portfolio to answer 7 leadership questions:

  •    6 Portfolio Presentations
  •    1 Heroic Voice Keynote

Professional Objectives
Develop world class communication and presentation skills to generate Presentation ROI, the currency of Global Impact.
  • Money:  Investment, Revenue, Donations
, Grants
  • Support:  World Class Talent, Partnerships, Sponsorships
, Policy and Standards
  • Reputation:  Articles, Social Media, Interviews, Word of Mouth

Program Overview

Session Overview

Compose your Message Portfolio

Effective  leaders integrate their vision, values and vows into all their communications.   Each week, you will compose one presentation for your Message Portfolio™

The Presentation Gym™  Workout

Each workout begins with a micro-training of a message delivery skill.   You take the stage to deliver your Message Portfolio presentation and receive precise feedback from our executive communication coaches.

Create Audience Connection

Elevate 6 message delivery skills from our Connection Triangle™:  Relatability, Empathy, Expertise, Passion, Comprehension, and Engagement.

Program Investment - $5,000 USD

  • 12 Presentation Gym™ Sessions
  • Message Portfolio™ Micro-Training Videos
  • 6 months of Email support

Client Videos

Baya Voce - TEDx 2016 ​
​Impacting 5M Viewers

Vlad Coho - DisruptHR 2019
​Defining the Future of Work

Sherri Douville - HIMMS 2018
​Interviewing Industry Leaders