Synchronized Communications MasterClass
How to Synchronize Your Voices of Leadership
Same Page, Same Vision, One Team
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Synchronize Your 
Voices of Leadership

The moment you form a leadership team, your primary objective is to achieve synchronization.  The most important investment you will make is to install a Synchronized Communications program.

A Habit of Practice

12 Presentation Gym workouts to elevate your message delivery skills.

An Ecosystem for Practice

Practice with our coaches, your team members and other MasterClass participants.

Program Details

Session Dates

August 21, 2024 - November 6, 2024

Program Investment

  • $10,000 for two leaders
  • $5,000 for each additional leader

Synchronized Communications MasterClass

Habit of Practice

The Presentation Gym 
Our MasterClass helps you develop a Habit of Practice 
  • Frequency: Every week, you join a Presentation Gym workout to master the delivery of 7 leadership presentations.  These presentations are the answer to the most important questions from your stakeholders.
  • Focus:  Each workout begins with a micro-training of a specific message delivery skill.   These skills come from our Connection Triangle framework.   Master theses skills to create connection with the hearts and minds in your audience.
  • Feedback: Take the stage to deliver your Message Portfolio presentation and receive precise feedback from our synchronized communication coaches.  Lock in Best Practices.  Eliminate Inefficiencies.  Explore Creative Options.

Ecosystem for Practice

The Message Portfolio
Our MasterClass provides a rich Ecosystem for Practice:
  • People: During the program, you will have a rich community of trusted practice partners: Coaches from the Heroic Voice Academy, members of your Leadership Team, and fellow MasterClass students.
  • Programs:  You will develop a Message Portfolio representing  your most important leadership presentations.  In addition, you master the 7 voices of leadership that matching the different roles you play as a leader.
  • Places:  Practice alone.  Practice in the Presentation Gym.  Practice with your leadership team.  Practice with fellow students.   Each practice session moves you closer to being Fully Prepared for your leadership presentations.

Habit of Growth

High Stakes Speaking Opportunities
Leaders who participate in the MasterClass are frequently invited to deliver the following presentations:
  • Company Wide Presentations
  • Investor Presentations
  • Conference Keynotes and Panels
  • Sales Conversations
  • Board Presentations
  • Recruiting Conversations
  • Media Interviews
  • Partnership Conversations
Presentation ROI
The primary objectives of every presentation is to communicate trust, create connection and build relationships.  Create these audience experiences and you will generate money, support and positive reputation to fuel your mission.

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