The Ecosystem for Practice

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Synchronized Communications

The second half of a Synchronized Communications program is building an Ecosystem for Practice.   Create a culture where leaders can easily practice with coaches, with other leaders, and even with members of their audience.

Find Trusted Practice Partners

The foundation of a healthy ecosystem begins with leaders who block off time for individual practice.  They invest time to curate their content and elevate their message delivery skills.

However, leaders often suffer from the curse of knowledge, tending to exclude information that is essential to learning.   When you practice with a coach, team member or even members of the audience, they can let you know when they struggle with comprehension.  Also, they can also share with you the emotional experience they have with your content.

Master All Your Leadership Presentations

Compose a portfolio of the key leadership presentations for your organization.  Design these presentations to answer the top questions from your audience of internal and external stakeholders.  Encourage your leaders to first memorize these scripts, and then convert them to their language and style.

In each of these presentations, identify the role you will be playing.  Examples are teacher, advisor, visionary, leader and changemaker.  When you know the role, you can also bring the corresponding tone, energy, and cadence to bring to the stage.

Online, In-Person, and the Green Room

Practice ideally takes place in multiple locations:

  • Online: The easiest way to find an impromptu practice room.  Jump online for a Synco workout, and your partner can give you feedback on your content, energy, or their audience experience.
  • In-Person:  We highly encourage in person rehearsals.  Many items become available: standing up, gestures and movements, holding a microphone.  Also, you can read the reactions from the different people and sections of the room.
  • At-Event:  Find the Green Room or make a place your green room.  It is a time for reflection, meditation and self-care.  Connect with the themes of the conference or event.  Visualize specific stakeholders in the audience.  Practice conversations with them.  Envision the experience you want them to have.

Build a Synchronized Communications Program

Synchronized Communications program can be built in three stages:

Minimally Prepared: Build a basic program.  Dedicate a specific time every week for your leadership team to practice.  Provide a professional development allowance for your leaders to improve their message delivery skills. 

Generally Prepared: Invest in coaching hours or training programs.  Internal or external communication coaches can serve as practice partners.  Having coaching sessions or a training on the calendar will help to build a habit of practice.

Fully Prepared: Create an internal Presentation Gym that includes frequency, focus and feedback.  Build an ecosystem that includes trusted practice partners, leadership communication programs, and online and in-person places to practice.

Summary - The Ecosystem for Practice

The second half of a Synchronized Communications program is building an Ecosystem for Practice.   
  • Trusted Practice Partners: In addition to making time for individual practice, build a community of trusted practice partners: Coaches, Team Members, and even members of the audience.
  • Leadership Presentations  Always carry your portfolio of leadership presentations.  Know the roles that you play in each presentation.
  • Online and In-Person places to Practice:  Practice on your own.  Record your rehearsal video and conduct personal feedback.  Practice with a partner, and receive the gift of audience feedback.

Synchronize Your Voices of Leadership

To synchronized your voices of leadership, consider joining our Synchronized Communications MasterClass.   Over the course of 12 sessions, your team will develop a Habit of Practice and an Ecosystem for Practice.  The goal for each leader is to be Fully Prepared for their most important presentations and conversations.

Schedule an appointment with one of our executive communications coaches, and learn how the MasterClass will prepare you to generate money, support and reputation from all of your leadership presentations.