The Habit of Practice

10 June 2024 08:00:00 Comment(s)

Synchronized Communications

The first half of a successful Synchronized Communications program begins by developing a Habit of Practice.  Only 10% of leaders are fully prepared for their high-stakes presentations and conversations.   Their message delivery skills are amongst the best because they block practice time in their calendar.

"How many times do I practice before my presentation?"

The simple answer is "As much as possible. "  In a world where your calendars are packed with appointments, it can be difficult to find time to practice.  When you do find the time, you may not be sure what to practice or how to practice.  Without practice, you will fail to connect with your audience.

The number we recommend is twelve.  While you may struggle to find 12 open slots on your calendar, we know that you can easily find 12 five minute blocks of time, which adds up to 60 minutes of practice time.   

Synco - The 5 minute Presentation Gym Workout

In the fitness world, there is a concept of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that can be applied to presentations.  The focused workout can be accomplished in just 5 minutes.  In the Presentation Gym, we call this a "Synco" workout, derived from the world of Synchronized Communications.

Select a section of your presentation, and rehearse for 2 minutes.  Follow this with 3 minutes of feedback.  By recording yourself, you can do a personal feedback session.  By working with a practice partner, they can provide audience feedback.

3-part Feedback Framework

This feedback framework allows you to capture feedback in three specific areas:

  • Keep Best Practices: Note everything that worked and lock it in.  This intentional action makes the best practice available for future presentations.
  • Remove Inefficiencies:  Note anything that was inefficient or ineffective.  The key is to avoid taking this feedback personally.  Treat it like a line of code that didn't work.  Simply replace it with another line of code.
  • Continue to Innovate:  Once you've completed the corrective feedback, remember to end with creative feedback.  What creative options can you play with: different jokes, different colors or fonts, added gestures, more smiles.

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Only 10% of leaders are fully prepared for their high-stakes presentations and conversations.   Because they block practice time in their calendar, their message delivery skills are quite good.  They are frequently invited to present.

16% of leaders fall into the second tier, those who we consider "generally prepared".  They practice when they can find time on the calendar.  Although their messages delivery skills have plateaued, they have a desire to become a more effective communicator.  They are regularly invited to present.

74% of leaders overestimate their message delivery skills.   Most are minimally prepared,  and take the stage with little to no practice and "wing it".    When these leaders speak, they confuse the market and the teams they lead.    Because of their poor skills, they are rarely invited to present.   Eventually, they will be removed from the leadership team.

Summary - The Habit of Practice

  • Practice Frequently: Do 12 Synco workouts before every presentation.  This adds up to 1 hour of quality practice which significantly amplifies the impact of your presentation.
  • Practice with Focus:  Practice 2 minutes at a time.  There is plenty of feedback available from every 2 minute section of your presentation
  • Collect and Integrate Feedback:  Practice on your own.  Record your rehearsal video and conduct personal feedback.  Practice with a partner, and receive the gift of audience feedback.

Synchronize Your Voices of Leadership

To synchronized your voices of leadership, consider joining our Synchronized Communications MasterClass.   Over the course of 12 sessions, your team will develop a Habit of Practice and an Ecosystem for Practice.  The goal for each leader is to be Fully Prepared for their most important presentations and conversations.

Schedule an appointment with one of our executive communications coaches, and learn how the MasterClass will prepare you to generate money, support and reputation from all of your leadership presentations.