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Opening - Michael Grove

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Sep 8th, 2021 - TLT Event
Sep 27th, 2021 - Agile Event

Jessica Bantom

Sabahat Bokhari

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Anthony Lee - Connection Triangle

Learn how we prepare speakers for their short form  presentations.  Watch the video and join our Ohana Presentation Gym and learn to prepare your short form keynote

The Presentation Gym Workouts
Communicate Trust.  Create Connection.  Build Relationships.    

3 Workout Programs

1) Join us in the Ohana Presentation Gym - where we cover 1 slide, 1 presentation skill.   2) Join our "Be a Heroic Voice" workshop. Compose & deliver 2 leadership presentations.

3) Access to our private replay page from our webinar series.

Zoom Workout Rooms

As a leader, the capacity of your mission depends on the capacity of your voice.  Our zoom workout rooms are designed to elevate your presentations skills, and to  immediately apply the skills in your next high-stakes presentation or conversation.

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