We teach people how to increase the ROI on every conversation and presentation, which sounds like we are focusing on what is in it for our clients. The irony is they increase the ROI when they stop thinking about themselves and instead think about their audience. 


For today's #wednesdaywis...

Sean Adams
30 October 2019 09:52:14 - Comment(s)
The Connection Triangle

Having good content when having a conversation or giving a presentation is only part of success in communication. You have to ensure that your content is received by the audience in the manner you want, which is achieved by focusing on the connection triangle.


Connection is the key to com...

Sean Adams
29 October 2019 10:09:36 - Comment(s)
Creating Connection

Time for another #MondayMotivation, and today's motivation comes from Rick Rigsby and wisdom from a third grade dropout. This talk is a wonderful example of someone who truly understands the connection triangle to ensure the audience learns the lessons he wants them to learn.


In the conne...

Sean Adams
28 October 2019 18:35:09 - Comment(s)
We are expanding to the East Bay

Every Friday we like to celebrate a little #FridayFun, focusing on some of the cool things that are happening with the Heroic Voice Academy and the Team. Last week we talked about what one of our members was doing on a personal basis, this week we want to celebrate some fantastic news for the compan...

Sean Adams
25 October 2019 09:49:44 - Comment(s)
Make Success Happen

For Today's Wednesday Wisdom we have a simple saying that is easy to understand but takes dedication and commitment to make a reality. "Success Happens when Preparation Meets Opportunity".


So what does this mean for you? It means if you want to be successful, and by successful we mean...

Sean Adams
23 October 2019 18:08:57 - Comment(s)