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Creating Connection

Time for another #MondayMotivation, and today's motivation comes from Rick Rigsby and wisdom from a third grade dropout. This talk is a wonderful example of someone who truly understands the connection triangle to ensure the audience learns the lessons he wants them to learn.


In the conne...

Sean Adams
28 October 2019 18:35:08 - Comment(s)
Jim Carrey - Sharing his Values

Another Monday to motivate you to use your heroic voice to enact global change.


In today's example, Jim Carrey shares with the 2014 graduating class of maharishi university the things he values, the things he stands for. Being able to express your values is a key foundation piece of effect...

Sean Adams
21 October 2019 13:31:20 - Comment(s)
Connecting with Your Audience

Another Monday and another opportunity to celebrate communication excellence. One of the aspects of communication that people often find themselves most challenged with is the ability to connect with the audience. This commencement speech from J. K. Rowling at Harvard is an excellent example of a sp...

Sean Adams
11 October 2019 12:31:36 - Comment(s)
Emma Watson and HeForShe

Every Monday we like to take a moment and celebrate those who are doing an amazing job of communicating, and today we are going to explore the "He For She" talk given by Emma Watson back in 2014. This is an excellent example of how to answer the question "Where are you going?"....

Sean Adams
07 October 2019 10:10:25 - Comment(s)