Creating Connection

Sean Adams
28 October 2019 18:35:09 Comment(s)

A Great Example of Creating Connection

Time for another #MondayMotivation, and today's motivation comes from Rick Rigsby and wisdom from a third grade dropout. This talk is a wonderful example of someone who truly understands the connection triangle to ensure the audience learns the lessons he wants them to learn.


In the connection triangle you need to ensure you are achieving all three types of connection: you to your audience, you to your message and your audience to message. He is able to achieve all three aspects of connection throughout this inspirational and motivational talk.


While you listen to the wisdom from Rick Rigsby, notice the 6 parts of effective connection that enable him to complete the Connection triangle.


Listen closely for how well he makes the lesson relatable. Notice the empathy he uses throughout. How well can you comprehend what he is saying? Was he engaging? Does he show expertise in his message? Is he passionate?


Look for these 6 parts and learn to model how well he uses all together to create connections in all three ways. He does it so well, you can too.

Sean Adams