Jim Carrey - Sharing his Values

Sean Adams
21 October 2019 13:31:20 Comment(s)

In the commencement address Jim Carrey what he stands for, his values.

Another Monday to motivate you to use your heroic voice to enact global change.


In today's example, Jim Carrey shares with the 2014 graduating class of maharishi university the things he values, the things he stands for. Being able to express your values is a key foundation piece of effective world class communications.


Jim Carrey uses his well known humor to deliver his values, but he still makes it clear to the audience exactly what he stands for and why it is so important to him. He knows his heroic voice and uses it effectively, playfully and efficiently to deliver his values to the audience leaving them with a clear understanding of who he is and what he values.


We encourage you to watch the video and make your own list of the values Jim Carrey expresses in this commencement address. Look and listen for the times he focuses on living his purpose, know what you bring to the world that is unique to you, being your full self and not just the limiting body you inhabit, dream bigger, and more. His delivery are powerful, and I love how he combined many of them into the painting he shares with the graduates and the rest of the audience. A wonderful example of expressing your values verbally but also being able to express them in visual form as well.


Share with us in the comments below some of the values from the talk that stood out most to you.

Sean Adams