Trainings and Workshops

Group trainings and workshops are designed for teams of all sizes.  We use accelerated learning strategies to maximize your development and retention.  Our highly experiential programs allow you to immediately apply our curriculum to your specific high stakes presentations and conversations.

The Heroic Voice Academy offers Corporate Trainings, Public Workshops and Online Instruction.

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Upcoming Public Workshops

Workshop Goals

Workshop Participants
Executives and emerging leaders
High Stakes Situations
Investor Presentations, Sales Conversations, Board Presentations, Recruiting Conversations, Conference Presentations, TED talks, Media Interviews, Partnership Opportunities
Professional Objectives
Develop world class communication and presentation skills to generate money, support, and reputation.  These outcomes are what we call Presentation ROI:
  • Money:  Investment, Revenue, Donations

  • Support:  World Class Talent, Partnerships, Sponsorships

  • Reputation:  Articles, Social media, Interviews, Word of Mouth

Key Topics

Workshop Overview

During the workshop, we will guide you with the following framework:

Message Blueprint

This framework is a blueprint for communicating trust.  You will define your values, your vision, and your vows as the foundation of your communication strategy.  With this solid foundation, you will be able to express your key messages to your audiences.

Connection Triangle

Global Impact leaders must develop communication skills that create audience connection.  Learn to deliver your messages with precision, to share with emotion, and to connect with the hearts and minds of your audiences.

Presentation ROI

Deliver messages that develop long term relationships and generate ROI.   Be ready to convert every high stakes speaking opportunity into money, support, and positive reputation.