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The Connection Triangle

Having good content when having a conversation or giving a presentation is only part of success in communication. You have to ensure that your content is received by the audience in the manner you want, which is achieved by focusing on the connection triangle.


Connection is the key to com...

Sean Adams
29 October 2019 10:09:35 - Comment(s)
Choose the Right Voice

Everyone, including you, has more than one heroic voice. Or more specifically, more than one version of your authentic heroic voice. In order to excel as a world class communicator to achieve your global impact, you need to develop all of your heroic voices.


There are 6 core heroic voice types,...

Sean Adams
22 October 2019 08:06:05 - Comment(s)
What is a Message Blueprint?

How does one go from being a good speaker to becoming a world class communicator? This is done by working on developing your six heroic voices so you are ready to use them at any time in any moment. Each voice is unique in style, content and delivery, and being able to use any of them at any time, o...

Sean Adams
15 October 2019 11:15:30 - Comment(s)
What is Conversational Leadership

What a person should be focused on is having a conversation with the audience. This creates a 2-way vehicle which optimally increases comprehension and engagement. The conversations can be between two people or between a person and a group. When you approach every interaction as a potential for a co...

Sean Adams
01 October 2019 16:29:55 - Comment(s)