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What is Conversational Leadership

Sean Adams
01 October 2019 16:29:55 Comment(s)

Too often when thinking about interacting with potential clients, etc people think of what their presentation should be. This is a mistake because a presentation is a 1-way vehicle of talking at an audience and has limited effectiveness.

What a person should be focused on is having a conversation with the audience. This creates a 2-way vehicle which optimally increases comprehension and engagement. The conversations can be between two people or between a person and a group. When you approach every interaction as a potential for a conversation, you are living conversational leadership.


This philosophy has 4 parts that create connection and help to ensure a better interaction no matter the audience or interaction opportunity.

1. Be Intentional with every conversation.

This comes from knowing that every conversation can generate ROI and create global impact.

2. Be Prepared for every conversation.

This means you know internal conversations have the power to build world class culture. External conversations have the power to generate worldwide support.

3. Create Connection with every conversation.

This means your internal conversations help to connect with your team, your board and your investors, while eternal conversations help to connect with clients, partners and journalists.

4. Practice consistently.


Every professional athlete dedicates time in the gym, and every professional musician dedicates time for the studio, which means today's leaders must dedicate time to practice their conversational leadership skills.


When you are intentional about becoming skilled at conversational leadership you create greater global impact, become more skilled at internal and external conversations, and connect with every person you have a conversation with.