What is a Message Blueprint?

Sean Adams
15 October 2019 11:15:30 Comment(s)

Are you prepared for EVERY High Stakes Conversation?

How does one go from being a good speaker to becoming a world class communicator? This is done by working on developing your six heroic voices so you are ready to use them at any time in any moment. Each voice is unique in style, content and delivery, and being able to use any of them at any time, or any combination of them at any time, you are a world class communicator at any moment, not just those "high profile" moments most people think of like a conference keynote.


The combination of these six heroic voices and the twelve messages you use them to deliver is a message portfolio that will prepare you to be a world class communicator at any time in any situation. And knowing the way for format each of these conversations is a fully developed message blueprint.


This requires commitment, and getting the right coaching and assistance. But when you have the full message blueprint developed you are ready to handle any high stakes conversation, from an investor pitch to being able to sell to that person next to you that you just met in the coffee shop.

Sean Adams