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The key to Successful Communication is listening.

One of the most important things we need to learn when working on our communication skills is that effective communication is not just about how well we say what we want to say, but it is even more important for us to focus on how well we are connecting with our audience and our needs. 


Sean Adams
02 October 2019 15:40:54 - Comment(s)
The Importance of Personal Growth
To me, personal growth is the choice we make to improve self-awareness, our unique identity, talent, money and finances, and skills to be ready for opportunities that allow us to establish, enhance, and live the quality of life we choose!
05 February 2019 13:04:55 - Comment(s)
The Power of Vision
As a leader and visionary, your audience counts on you to have a clear vision of the future. One that is clearer than the vision they have for themselves. Your audience may have several abstract images in their mind. Your job as a leader is to turn those abstract images into concrete pictures.
01 February 2019 10:57:21 - Comment(s)
Heroic Mindset
World class presenters are very intentional with what and how they communicate. They create an atmosphere of trust and are able to unite perspectives. Here are 8 principles that will help guide what you say and how to say it.
09 January 2019 20:19:49 - Comment(s)
External ROI: Conversations that Generate Money, Support and Positive Reputation
Conversations can usually be divided into two categories, internal or external. Internal conversations are conversation you have within your company or team. These we will discuss later. External conversations occur between you and people outside of your company or team.
09 January 2019 20:12:13 - Comment(s)