The Importance of Personal Growth

05 February 2019 13:04:55 Comment(s)

Personal Growth:  The important "WHY" in my life

To me, personal growth is the choice we make to improve self-awareness, our unique identity, talent, money and finances, and skills to be ready for opportunities that allow us to establish, enhance, and live the quality of life we choose!  

Blog author:  Mamie Lamley

I was at an Anthony Robbins event when I first heard, “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying!” That one remark, set me on fire, and sent me on a personal development path that I continue to be on even at age 57. 

To me, personal growth is the choice we make to improve self-awareness, our unique identity, talent, money and finances, and skills to be ready for opportunities that allow us to establish, enhance, and live the quality of life we choose! 

Growing up, I knew I always wanted to be a teacher. As I completed my college degree, what I came to realize was that my true passion was really taking part in impacting and changing peoples’ lives so that they could see the potential and power within themselves. 

Today, I’ve learned that opportunity lies in being a life-long learner, influencer and an empowered leader! Though my ongoing education, I have learned that the following are what helped me to truly understand that if “I AM not growing, then I AM dying!” 

1. Awareness & Understanding 

When I am training, the area I begin with is self-awareness and self-understanding. It’s doing everything I can to realize my full potential and it includes knowing M.Y.S.E.L.F.

  • M Me & Mine. Know when I am contributing, it benefits both Me and Others! 
  • Y: Yearn.  Knowing that what I yearn for, is the purpose in which I live and act! 
  • S: Simple and Share.  Keep it simple, and share it so others can thrive and prosper! 
  • E: Energy.  Everything is energy, and where focus goes, Energy Flows, and results show! 
  • L: Love.  Love it or leave it! 
  • F: Follow your heart.

2. SMART Goal Setting 

Goals help to enhance the quality of our lives and keeps us on track to achieving the lifestyle style we desire and deserve. Throughout my life, I have lived life intentionally by keeping my goals specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound. When I am about to accomplish a goal, I set a new one. I know I drive people crazy with my time-management skills, but it is the one thing that I know has kept me on track to where I am, and where I am going in my life! Although I sometimes get side-tracked, I know that everything I have set my heart and mind on, I have achieved ten-fold. I could not have done it without goal setting! 

3. Commitment to Action 

There are over one million results when you type in the keywords “Ready, Fire, Aim” and it is these words that spur me to just “Take ACTION!” Not just any action, but action that aligns with my personal and business goals! 

A commitment to take full responsibility for my vision, mission, and goals! In my personal and personal development path, I choose to change something in my life every day. I’ve learned to extend myself into new areas that challenge me and add to my growth personally and professionally. 

In fact, at 4:00am this morning I awoke and had this urge to learn something new, so I went on-line and took a class in Google Keyword Planner and started this blog! 

Taking ACTION is important for our growth. As a Karma Krew Member for Success Resources Global, I have learned not to ask, “Can I” but to ask, “How can I?” Followed by “What else is awesomely possible” or “How does it get any better than this!” 

In my business, I have I don’t just have a “things to do list” I have a “Wealth Generating Commitments List.” When I am in this mode, my specific actions are to prioritize and generate revenue for my business. If not, the activity goes to my “wish list” to do later.

4. FOCUS-Consistency 

As you can see “commitment to action” is important, yet FOCUS(Following One Course Until Successful) with Consistency is the “game changer.” How many of you are guilty of the “shiny objects syndrome?” I have been guilty of it. Had I just focused on my course as a trainer and speaker, I know I would have been well into my “personal power” a long time ago. 

CONSISTENCY is the true action of FOCUS. To be consistent is to have the simple patience to stick with what we are doing so we can move in the direction we want to achieve. It requires the belief in ourselves, that we can and will go THROUGH the finish-line instead of going TO the finish-line.   And lastly, that we believe what we bring to the table is valuable and beneficial for all! 

Since I’ve chosen to consistently focus on my training and speaking business, many opportunities are presenting itself, and champion my cause in “making a difference in the world” and getting paid to do it!

5. Dedication 

I believe in dedication through experience, exposure, and education. Success comes through our individual personal growth plans that align with a powerful TEAM. Our contribution focuses on our collaborative mission, vision, coaching, and mentoring. Our personal truths, reflection, and our ability to act, encourages us to have a positive mindset and the courage to be authentic, so we all can accelerate our awareness and momentum into self-actualization! 

When we “do” we “become” the Warriors of Change that we desire!