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We teach people how to increase the ROI on every conversation and presentation, which sounds like we are focusing on what is in it for our clients. The irony is they increase the ROI when they stop thinking about themselves and instead think about their audience. 


For today's #wednesdaywis...

Sean Adams
30 October 2019 09:52:14 - Comment(s)
Make Success Happen

For Today's Wednesday Wisdom we have a simple saying that is easy to understand but takes dedication and commitment to make a reality. "Success Happens when Preparation Meets Opportunity".


So what does this mean for you? It means if you want to be successful, and by successful we mean...

Sean Adams
23 October 2019 18:08:56 - Comment(s)
Start with a Strong Foundation
You conversation or presentation, like a house, needs a strong foundation.
Sean Adams
16 October 2019 17:36:15 - Comment(s)
The key to Successful Communication is listening.

One of the most important things we need to learn when working on our communication skills is that effective communication is not just about how well we say what we want to say, but it is even more important for us to focus on how well we are connecting with our audience and our needs. 


Sean Adams
02 October 2019 15:40:54 - Comment(s)