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We are expanding to the East Bay

Every Friday we like to celebrate a little #FridayFun, focusing on some of the cool things that are happening with the Heroic Voice Academy and the Team. Last week we talked about what one of our members was doing on a personal basis, this week we want to celebrate some fantastic news for the compan...

Sean Adams
25 October 2019 09:49:43 - Comment(s)
Lets Get Ready to RUMMMBBBLLEEE!

Every Friday we like to just celebrate some of the fun we get to have here at #HeroicVoice during the week. This week are celebrating the fun had by our Co-founder and Director of Strategy and Operation, Sean Adams, in helping some friends launch their new business, a Title Boxing Club in Alamo CA.

Sean Adams
18 October 2019 08:48:27 - Comment(s)