Lets Get Ready to RUMMMBBBLLEEE!

Sean Adams
18 October 2019 08:48:27 Comment(s)

Friday Fun - Helping to get a new Boxing Club Ready to Open

Every Friday we like to just celebrate some of the fun we get to have here at #HeroicVoice during the week. This week are celebrating the fun had by our Co-founder and Director of Strategy and Operation, Sean Adams, in helping some friends launch their new business, a Title Boxing Club in Alamo CA.

For years part of Sean's "going to the gym daily" has been training in Muay Thai and Boxing. When some friends were opening a Title Boxing Gym in Alamo Sean stepped up to help.

Opening a gym, like starting any other business requires more than most people think. There is the financial expense of getting started. There is knowing what you need to be successful (bags, etc) and more. The single most important factor in any business being successful is communication. 


In the case of the boxing gym opening there was communication with the contractors and city to ensure the space was built properly to code, there was communication with suppliers to get the right metal fabricated for the bag rack and all the items needed to build the ring, there was communication with corporate to ensure that what will be delivered matches the bigger goal and that you replicate the systems that work, and there was communication with the team ensuring they were there when needed to help unload the truck and assemble everything etc. Communication is so important that the corporate leaders of Title Boxing have a person they send to each new installation to handle logistics and communication to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Having this commitment to clear communication made the process easier and made it quicker and more efficient to trouble shoot problems that came along the way.

It was dirty and exhausting work, but the new boxing club is just about finished and should be opening soon. And Sean is thrilled to have had a chance to be part of it and is looking forward to throwing some punches in the ring he helped to assemble.

Sean Adams