The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
‚Äč-George Bernard Shaw

Effective Communication is a Learnable Skill

According to new research from LinkedIn,  the single most important soft skill needed in the workplace today is effective communication.

You can learn to develop this soft skill with the right processes and practices. When you learn the structure that makes up effective communication, and get the right training on how to use the blueprint properly, you will be prepared for any high stakes conversation you find yourself in.

The blue print for effective communication has four central aspects you need to develop to achieve the return on investment you desire from every high stakes conversation. 

1) Build a Strong Foundation for all Communication
Learn the 3 key concepts that make up the foundation of any presentation or communication.  
For more detail, please download and review our Heroic Voice Foundation Document.
  • VALUES tell the audience what you care about.
  • VISION tells the audience where you are going.
  • VOWS tell the audience how they can count on you.

2) Clearly define the ROI (Return on Investment) you want from the presentation/conversation (learn more by downloading our "Presentation ROI" booklet)
  • Clearly identify the audience you will be communicating with
  • Know if you want to get Money, Support or Positive reputation from your audience (yes, every outcome you want fits within these three)
  • Communicate to your audience with the desired outcome in mind

3) Identify and connect from the proper Heroic Voice and use the correct conversation type

  • First choose one of the six Heroic Voices you need to be using
  • Choose which of the two conversation types for that Heroic Voice you need
  • Identify if this is going to be an internal or external conversation

4) Effectively create connection by completing the connection triangle

  • Speaker connects to content with Expertise and Passion
  • Speaker connects to audience with Relatability and Empathy
  • Audience connects to content with Comprehension and Engagement

Shape the Future with your Heroic Voice

When you elevate your ability to effectively communicate, you empower yourself and your audience to enact the global change you desire.

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