Sean Adams,  Partner Emeritus

  • Executive Communications Trainer and Coach
  • Professional Speaker - Heroic Voice Keynotes
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"I am committed to listening carefully for what is being said between the words and asking the right insightful and challenging questions to help move everything forward in a positive and productive manner. I will bring my years of experience training over 10,000 people on three continents and my ability to make the complicated easy to understand to ensure every voice shared is the best and most heroic it can be."

Create Connection

In the world of presentations, the online stage is now just as important that the in-person stage.  Learn 6 skills to creating connection with hearts and minds.

The Connection Triangle

Leadership Communications is the mastery of the following:  (1) Conversation Skills (2) Presentation Skills (3) Interaction Skills.

The Message Blueprint

How to build a leadership conversation:  (1) Build a foundation of Values, Vision and Vows  (2) Curate your content (3) Create connection with your audience.

Professional Biography

Sean Adams has a long history in educating, coaching, and supporting individuals from all walks of life. After earning his Masters and PhD in education, Sean was both an instructor and administrator in the higher education system. After finding significantly more pleasure helping his students with life issues rather than school issues, he decided to become a Life and Success Coach.

Sean’s ability to understand “techno speak” while talking to people in “human speak” was in extremely high demand when he was a volunteer at the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp,  a multifaceted educational conference.  He quickly rose in ranks to become the online business manager for the lead trainer, Alex Mandossian.  Eventually, his work for Alex, as well as a new nephew arriving, moved Sean to California.