October 1st - Office Hour Replay

Hero Round Table Presenter Preparation

To all Hero Round Table presenters:

Congratulations on joining our community of speakers for the upcoming Hero Round Table event on October 28-29, 2019.     This page is designed to help you prepare to successfully deliver your presentation.  

Looking Forward,


Success = Preparation meets Opportunity

Speaker Preparation - Hero Round Table

Here are the steps to successfully prepare for the October 28-29 event:

1) Office Hours
Our office hours are designed to teach a specific topic, and to answer any questions you have about message composition and message delivery.    Office hours will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9-10am PST / 11am-12 noon CST / 12-1pm EST.   

Office hours will take place using zoom video conference.  We will record the office hours to make it available to the entire speaker team.   

Scroll below for the schedule of upcoming office hours, and recordings of previous office hours.

2) Video Review of your rehearsals
Starting on Monday, October 14th, you will be able to submit links to videos of your presentation run throughs.  You will receive high quality feedback from one of our communication coaches.

3) Email Support

Please send any questions you have to our team:

  • Message Composition/Delivery
  • Vocal Expression

    coach@mindbodyspeak.com (Marshall)

  • Stage Style/Presence

Looking Forward,

Anthony Lee
​Heroic Voice Academy

​Vocal Expression

Replay - Office Hours #2

Vocal Expression

Replay - Office Hours #5

Vocal Expression

Thursday, October 24th

Message Composition

Replay - Office Hours #3

Message Delivery

Replay - Office Hours #6

Message Delivery

Replay - Office Hours #4

Message Delivery

Tuesday, October 22

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