Gentry Event Preparation

To all Gentry  presenters and panelists:

This page is designed to help you prepare for your role as a keynote speaker, moderator or panelist.

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Guide for Panelists

Event Theme:        Investing in Future Leaders
Event Objective: Create a learning experience that elevates the audience's leadership skills. 
    • Learn from experts who speak with expertise and passion
    • Acquire the confidence and skills to use new tools
    • Connect to content that is relatable and actionable  

1) Use the Connection Triangle to create maximum connection
  • Speaker connects to content with Expertise and Passion
  • Speaker connects to audience with Relatability and Empathy
  • Audience connects to content with Comprehension and Engagement

2) Fulfill the Bold Promises of Gentry Women in Technology

  • Elevate Vision - craft a clear vision for their career and impact
  • Elevate Leadership - acquire leadership tools and best practices
  • Elevate Resilience - develop a resilient mindset for their careers

3) Map the event content to the Bold Promises of the event

  • PANEL 1 - Women Driving Technology.  Moderated by Jennifer Massoni Pardini
    • Panelist Objective: Connect audience to EVENT THEME
      • Share your one of your best practices
  • PANEL 2 - Women in Leadership.  Moderated by Sherri Douville [VISION]
    • Panelist Objective: Connect Audience to your content
      • Share a personal vision that has crystalized over time with the help of a mentor.
  • PANEL 3 - Male Allies.  Moderated by Kristi Markkula Bowers [LEADERSHIP]
    • Panelist Objective: Connect with Your Content
      • Share a leadership tool you use to engender trust.
  • PANEL 4 - Founders meet Funders.   Moderated by Judith Williams [RESILIENCE]
    • Panelist Objective: Connect with your Audience
      • Share a personal story of resiliency as an entrepreneur

4) Shape the Future with your Heroic Voice

Because of your generosity, sharing your time and wisdom, you have elevated the levels of vision, leadership and resilience for each member of the audience.  Your nuggets of wisdom will help them shape their careers, their leadership styles, and their impact on the world.

5) Email Support
  • Please email any questions to us at:
    • Sherri Douville:
    • Anthony Lee:
    • Sean Adams:

4) Additional Resources

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