The Habit of Growth

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Synchronized Communications

When you have a Habit of Practice and an Ecosystem for Practice, you will be selected to lead.   Learn how to build a Synchronized Communications program for your leadership team.

Companies select leaders to advance their mission.  Investors select leading companies to accelerate their portfolio.  Conference select leaders to facilitate industry conversations on their stage.

Selected to Lead

The moment you form a leadership team, your primary objective is to achieve synchronization.  The most important investment you will make is to install a Synchronized Communications program.

This program will help your leadership team create a Habit of Practice and be supported by an Ecosystem for Practice.  Every team member will be fully prepared to deliver all of your organization's leadership presentations.

Develop a Habit of Practice

In our Synchronized Communications MasterClass, we run a series of Presentation Gym workouts.  These workouts are designed for your leaders to master the delivery of 7 leadership presentations.

In every workout, there is a focus on a specific presentation and a specific message delivery skill.  Our world class coaching team provides students with high-precision feedback .

Build an Ecosystem for Practice

Our MasterClass provides a rich Ecosystem for Practice:

  • People: During the program, you will have a rich community of trusted practice partners: Coaches from the Heroic Voice Academy, Members of your Leadership team, and fellow MasterClass students.
  • Programs:  You will develop a Message Portfolio representing  your most important leadership presentations.  In addition, you master the 7 voices of leadership that matching the different roles you play as a leader.
  • Places:  Practice alone.  Practice in the Presentation Gym.  Practice with your leadership team.  Practice with fellow students.   Each practice session moves you closer to being Fully Prepared for your presentation.

Create an Habit of Growth

We provide programs to assist you in installing a Synchronized Communications program for your organization

Open Gym Thursdays:  Join us every Thursday at 12pm pst for an Open Gym Workout.  We start with a 15 minute micro-training, focusing on a specific message delivery skill.  This is followed by time for you to ask questions, practice the exercise, or rehearse a portion of your presentation.

Presentation Gym Workshops:  When you have existing slide decks for your company or sales team, we will come in to build your internal Presentation Gym.  The purpose of your Presentation Gym is to help your voices of leadership master the content and delivery of these core presentations.

Synchronized Communications MasterClass: Our MasterClass helps your leadership team prepare for their high stakes presentations and conversations.  Over the course of 12 sessions, each leader will master 7 leadership presentations and acquire 6 specific sets of message delivery skills.

Invitation - Synchronized Communications MasterClass

For more information about our Synchronized Communications MasterClass:
  • Public MasterClass: Join the Waitlist.  We will connect to set up an zoom interview to share details and answer your questions.
  • Private MasterClass:  We can customize a MasterClass for your leadership team.  Schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches.

Synchronize Your Voices of Leadership

To synchronized your voices of leadership, consider joining our Synchronized Communications MasterClass.   Over the course of 12 sessions, your team will develop a Habit of Practice and an Ecosystem for Practice.  The goal for each leader is to be Fully Prepared for their most important presentations and conversations.

Schedule an appointment with one of our executive communications coaches, and learn how the MasterClass will prepare you to generate money, support and reputation from all of your leadership presentations.