What is Presentation ROI?

Sean Adams
08 October 2019 09:09:08 Comment(s)

Today’s Founders, Leaders, and Marketing Managers must have a business development mindset for all their presentations, conversations, and interviews.

Each speaking opportunity can generate money, support, and reputation for your organization. No matter the conversation or presentation you are about to have, you have to start with the end in mind. 


What is the ROI (return on Investment) you want to achieve through your next conversation or presentation? By understanding the three types of Presentation ROI and how to communicate in order to achieve these outcomes you will be prepared for any high stakes conversation. 

The first type of ROI, and probably the one most people think of most often, is money. Money can come in many forms: like a customer paying you for your product or service, or an investor giving you money for your growth, or if you are a non-profit it could be a donor giving you money for your global impact. 

The second type of ROI is support. This is where you want the audience or person you are communicating with you who want to get behind what you are doing. Supporters can be talent you are looking to hire, or a partner you want to work with to achieve your global impact, or even a policy maker who needs to support what you are doing on their end.

The final type of ROI, and often the one most overlooked, is Reputation. Reputation is all about getting people who are influencers to speak well about you or your product or service. These audience members who can help you with your reputation could be journalists or analysts, they could be people attending conferences and hearing you speak, or they could be members of the online community.

The power of Presentation ROI is knowing which of these audience members you are speaking to and designing your presentation to achieve the desired ROI from your audience. 


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