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Presentation ROI Booklet

Use your Heroic Voice to generate more money, more support and positive reputation.  

[40 page booklet]

Heroic Voice Mindset

The 5 mindset strategies for today's global impact leaders. 
[1 page summary]

Presentation ROI Mastermind

12 session mastermind program:  Learn to better communicate your mission and generate ROI.  

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Latest Blogs

The Power of Vision

Improve your ability to describe the future you are working to create.

How to Communicate Trust

Medigram CEO Sherri Douville interviews former Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Surround Yourself with Great People

The secret to building great teams is asking great questions.

Client Videos

Baya Voce
TEDx 2016

Community Leader and  host for "The Art of Connection" Baya Voce, shares her best practices for using ritual as a way to cure loneliness.

Sherri Douville and John Chambers
HIMMS Conference 2018

Sherri Douville, CEO of Medigram, interviews John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco.  They discuss they key questions that every leader must answer in order to communicate trust. 

"The Rebound" filmmaker team
Napa Valley Film Festival 2016

The producer, director, and 3 of the wheelchair basketball champions share their wisdom in front of 1200 attendees at the Napa Valley Film Festival.